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Ever since that first competitive collegiate game, the traditional form of tailgating has been practiced at sporting events everywhere. Ever since opposing players have faced one another, fans have worn the colors of their teams. And from the first meeting of schools, onlookers have hollered throughout the game, both for and against it. Nowadays, food and beverages have become a staple before the big game. There are barbecues before baseball events, beers shared hours before kickoff, and cold cuts spread out at the start of a racing event. Tailgating is a large part of American culture, and is enjoyed today more than ever. Whether it’s the companionship, the love of the game, or comradeship that can only be produced hours before an intense sporting event, the act of pre-celebration has often become more important than the games themselves. To date, tailgating has changed as much as the game of football itself. Where turbans were once worn to distinguish which team you were rooting for, caps, jerseys, themed T-shirts, and body paint now are the norm. And where food was once transported in a horse-drawn wooden wagon, grills and coolers now are transported with ease, allowing tailgaters to consume the best of foods and beverages on the road. Despite the changes in the evolution of tailgating, one thing has endured: the fans’ spirit. We have been Oregon Duck Tailgaters for more than 20 years and chased ideas from how colored balloons, magnets, PVC Pipe, street cones to a swooper. The idea of how a flag can identify our "team spirit." It has been over 3 years now that we have wanted to call the U of O Tailgate Parties a "Duck Tail." Now here you are able to find your tailgate with the party's name 15' high in the sky.
We have designed and made the best product for the best price around.
Now you can enjoy your very own "Duck Tail" or "Beaver Tail".
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Duck Tail Flag
Feather Flag pole kit with nylon carrying case
Beaver Tail Flag
Duck Tail Flag with customized name included
Tire base
Beaver Tail Flag with customized name included
Total Package
Duck Tail
Duck Tail flag with customized name, pole kit with carrying case and tire mount or stake
Total Package
Beaver Tail
Beaver Tail flag with customized name, pole kit with carrying case and tire mount or stake
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